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The Significance Of Stand Design During An Exhibition

For any business involved in the trading of goods and / or services the role that an exhibition plays in making sales cannot be overemphasized. From developing new customer interactions to providing a hub on which ideas and concepts can be exchanged, trade fairs and exhibitions have firmly positioned themselves as an indispensible industry function. A lot more, however, goes into participating in an exhibition than just plonking a stall in an obscure section of the exposition and crossing one’s fingers all will go well. Your company stand is a mirror of your brand identity. It serves to communicate the organization’s corporate culture and ethos. With such great stakes, a concerted and expert approach is required to come up with a stand that allows your business to be unique and distinctive, attracting customers, who are the lifeblood of any going concern.

To begin with, one has to consider issues of theme and space, afforded at the exhibition. Ergonomics are very important here and it goes without saying that if your clients find difficulty in manoeuvring around your stand, they will generally not want to spend much time there. The question is not how big or small the contents of the stand are, but rather, how well organized and accessible it is. This is one of the many reasons why most exhibitors choose to enlist the services of a professional exhibitions and events agency.

Once space and brand identity are firmly integrated, the next hurdle is to seamlessly depict what has been conceived in the boardroom on your stand. It is one thing to come up with mock – ups and design concepts but bringing them to life at an actual trade show is a different matter. It can be quite frustrating to have all the relevant information and in – demand products but fail to deliver it to the attendees in an effective and visually captivating manner. The impact that a business will have at an exhibition lies heavily on the perceptions and experiences that its stand evokes in visitors. In order to stimulate interest and increase your visitors’ propensity to buy from you, they need to be engaged and fascinated by your product offering. While most exhibitors’ primary concern is getting their message through, spectacular design is what primarily attracts the customer to a stand. Learning about the company’s products becomes a by – product of this process.

From the aforementioned, it is clear to see that the effectiveness of any exhibition largely lies in the quality of the stand design. Given the financial commitment that comes with participating in trade shows, it is in any company’s best interests to perform well and enjoy a sizeable return on investment. A good way of assuring this is by engaging a professional agency, such as EVONIC Exhibitions & Events.

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