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It´s time for more ‘WOW’

Our portfolio offers all the possibilities that need good advertising.

From planning, through manufacturing, to the trade fair.

A trade show is usually very stressful for the concerned employees of a company. On the one hand, this is because it is not part of everyday life, on the other hand, there are a thousand things to attend to and last but not least you rarely have the time to fully and solely concentrate on the exhibition.

Therefore, we offer the complete service on request of:

  • planning and design of your exhibition stand, kiosk or Interieur
  • manufacturing of your trade booth
  • assembly and disassembly
  • organization and training of stand personnel
  • design and provision of advertising materials & merchandise
  • on-site support during the entire event. Also abroad.

We focus on brands, present products and emotionalize people.

So you have a good stand at the fair.

An exhibition booth is more than just a walk-in advertising. It is the house of your business for a few days, where you can welcome your business partners and potential new customers . Your stand should therefore express the spirit and philosophy of your company brand, as well as your hospitality.

“I want to go there!” –  Your booth must arouse curiosity. Lightning fast. As countless charms and enticements compete for fair guests with brimful schedules. Therefore we have a clear goal: we develope a strong attention magnet so nobody will pass your stand!

Whether small or huge: For us at EVONIC any of our stands are visible a expression of your corporate culture and corporate identity at the same time. Here we bring all our experience to the table.

As in advertising, it is also true here, capture the fleeting moment of the walking past. Our creative designers create your personal trade fair booth – your figurehead. Where visual highlights can also be quitely elegant and reserved.

We put all our effort even into fulfill your most unusual shape, color and material desires.

On request EVONIC can also deliver the exhibition booth with complete service, including daily cleaning and all advertising media consisting of: Specially designed fair brochures, branded giveaways, advertising that literally brings your stand among the people.

In addition ou picturesque hostesses are looking forward to presenting your company.

Emergency Service:

If you need a stand within a short time, we would be honored to help you and be your knight in shining armor. Thanks to our well-practised team and our experience, we also deliver results under strong time pressure – from concept to finished booth.

Even if afterwards, a couple of our hairs has turned gray.

With us you can compete with other companies at trade shows.

Bid your customers Welcome.

EVONIC has, in full service, conceptualized and organized trade fair appearances for years. By way of our work at booths at events like Gamescom in Cologne, the Leipzig Book Fair, the Big 5 in Dubai and other various trade fairs in Germany and Dubai, we have learned a lot: First of all, that no trade fair is like the other. Sometimes it is necessary, to set up a small oasis or a small pantheon in the midst of an exhibition, to operate successful marketing. But sometimes a simple information stand is enough, to communicate the message of our customers successfully.

What makes a good booth? Actually quite simple: The stand should be informative enough to make visitors familiar with the most important data of the company. But above all, it needs an attention getting concept that differentiates it from other booths. A beautiful, unusual exhibition design, in accordance with the corporate design, that works well on press. And it should especially have something in itself, which already catches visitor’s eye from afar and magically attracts, as well as attractions, that invite you to linger.

While still considering circumstances such as time pressure, requirements of fair supervision, limited advertising budget, manufacturing, logistics, modern construction of the exhibition stand and unforeseen obstacles, we see how much effort it takes to fabricate a good appearance. Relax, we accept, the challenges of each step for you.

The difference between “What a mess!” And “What a beautiful fair!” Is often only slight.

Good exhibition stands act further, even if they are already dismantled.

Every client deserves the same level of passion, respect and creativity, whether major client, international company or start-up. Each project will be implemented with vigor and passion by us.

Besides passion and inventiveness a successful marketing campagne also requires expertise, experience and knowledge of the market. We offer your company all the requirements.

And one thing is clear: If the client and agency act in concert, both benefit.

A perfect exhibition appearance is the face of your company.
Our picture pretty hostesses will support you!

A professional and attractive appearance is just as important as professional and dedicated exhibition staff. Hostesses, VIP Hostesses, Chief Hostess and Model Hostesses who identify theirselfe with your company and products.

Our long experience and our sensitivity will help us selecting the perfect staff for your exhibition appearence. Save your time and relax, we will select your hostesses!

You prefer to have an influence in the selection? No problem. We scout – you choose.

We can also send you the sedcards our hostesses in  advance, suitable to your needs. The sedcards contain extensive references of the hosts and hostesses – different images, activity experience, and foreign language skills. You can also influence and compile your team individually at a casting but.

Our Model Hostesses are an eye at each show!Our Model Hostesses are an eye at each show!

With language skills and charm – our hostesses looking forward to represent your company!

Besides hostesses, we also have numerous promoters, show cooks and service staff in our database.

Only qualified and tested personnel!

Our employees are tested for their qualifications, as well as language skills and receive regular training.

Every client deserves the same level of passion, respect and creativity, whether major client, international company or start-up. Each project will be implemented with vigor and passion by us.

Besides passion and inventiveness a successful marketing campagne also requires expertise, experience and knowledge of the market. We offer your company all the requirements.

And one thing is clear: If the client and agency act in concert, both benefit.

When a brand shakes your hands.

Our advertising agency uses traditional marketing and advertising methods to make brands and their product benefits known. But often it makes sense in the brand communication to communicate directly with the customer:

Through attractive promotions.

EVONIC realizes promotions, among other things, for trade. As part of the marketing strategy, right at the point of sale. Whether as a local sales promotion or as a national trade promotion.

Apply your promotion staff now or plan with us your entire promotion campagne!

Your advantages:

  • We are always reachable for you
  • Save the time and effort for finding suitable staff
  • We train your brand ambassador extensively
  • We are active nationwide in Germany and the UAE, but also aboard, we support you
  • we know the trade and trade fairs, and they know us! Even short-term missions and actions are possible
  • your promoter is prevented at short notice? No problem, we take care of suitable replacement.

“Pictures say more than a thousand words”

This ancient wisdom, we take to heart. Therefore, we will present our creative ideas, for your successful exhibition, in 3D and animations.

We are aware that a successful trade fair primarily stands and falls with the adequate and targeted representation of your corporate identity! Therefore, there is a detailed discussion with our consulting team on each project. We take the necessary time to get to know you and your business. So we can initially create a free design of your exhibition presence that is intensively fit to you and your ideas, resulting in the ideal design of your exhibition stand, which is not only in your corporate philosophy, but also puts your products at the core and separates you from the competition.

We also use 3D graphics for presentations, brochures and all other promotional material in the media mix.

3D design is a wonderful way to give dry facts attractiveness and fantasy. With 3D our trained graphic designers have no limits. And our customers also do not, because how else could you, for example, plausibly and vividly present the inside of a complicated machine?

Even in our 3D designs for POS Marketing Sales, displays have much better effect than a simple drawing.

On request, we provide you with CAD design and virtual walk-in exhibition stands and buildings.

Your personal wishes, can thus be incorporated, implemented and presented in the draft, in the shortest possible time.

We will find the perfect solution for your project, that we promise.

PR: Important for small and large customers.

Sometimes the message of a marketing campaign must take people where they do not expect it. In news, media, or middle of everyday life. This is where public relations (PR) and promotions come into play.

Advertising and public relations strategies are mutually supportive and can thus increase their impact on the customer:

A good review makes customers more receptive to the advertising message of TV commercials. And a good television advertising arouses interest in clients for an additional good report or other promotional activities.