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How To Exhibit Lucratively at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

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Displaying your products and services at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions is the new ‘in’ thing in the world of marketing strategies. What was earlier looked up to as a waste of money is now pursued with over-the-top employment of money and manpower.
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, to go the extra mile and take so many pains for marketing their business, but Exhibitions surely give you a bang for your buck, if attended to, correctly!
So for all those who are seek some words of wisdom on How to Exhibit Lucratively, here are a few cheat sheets:
Prepare a Checklist
That’s right. As soon as you determine a stall, start preparing a to-do list, a record book of what all you need to carry along, an inquiry sheet of audience you endeavor to target, their contact details, list of your products, stationary that you may require any moment (notepad, pen, pencil, glue stick), visiting cards, first aid kit, so on and so forth.
Team work pays off
You may be a one-man army. But let’s face it, you cannot stand on your stall for 10-12 hours at stretch, without any break. And one minute of disappearance from the stall may cost you a good prospective client.
So make sure you take an adequate strength of manpower along with. If you are a sole trader, take a family member or a friend, or hire a part-time job seeker.
Presentation and Punctuality are the virtues
A shabby stand-up often ruins a fantastic product display. Make sure you clean up well and present yourself appropriately.
Also, to stave-off last moment panic, try to reach the destination well before time. This way, you will able to arrange your stall as versioned. Other than that, surf around your stall, what are other stalls about (if there’s anything that concerns you), check for the toilets and food courts. And an added advantage, reaching before time will fetch you a good parking space.
Never Ever Pounce on the visitors!
It looks way too cheap. Never cast an impression that you are a needy Businessman. It puts a question on your professionalism.
The best way is to make an eye contact and smile. It’s decent and cultured.

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