How to Generate Leads and Make Your Exhibition a Success

Generating leads at your trade show or exhibition is an incredibly powerful tool that you can implement into your business strategy. Knowing how to generate leads is the cornerstone of this industry, and knowing how to implement a successful exhibition is important to creating the leads you need to get the most of your marketing [...]

How to choose the best/right exhibition for your company

Attend business exhibitions can improve the scope of a business or company and contribute to the overall performance and success of your company.  Choosing the best exhibition to attend, however, is not as easy as it seems. The popularity or the size of an exhibition should not be used as the criteria for attending an [...]

Cultural Sensitivity When Exhibiting Abroad

In the corporate world today, certain buzz words have become commonplace. Phrases such as “global village,” “bilateral relations” and “supply chain management” have revolutionized the way we view and conduct business. American investors are seeing resource opportunities in Africa while European technology giants seek to take advantage of the boundless innovation and accessible labor that […]