EVONIC Exhibitions & Events is an owner-managed full service agency. We operate worldwide. But have our focus in Germany and the Middle East, in these markets we have years of experience. As a full service agency we offer all services of modern marketing communication.

We can point to special expertise in exhibition design, exhibition construction and live communication.

We see ourselves as part of your team, and want to achieve your goals together with you. In spite of all obstacles. You benefit from our experience and we can help you with many suggestions on you journey without dominating you or your ideas.

Professional advice and handling is a matter of the course, but also traditional advertising with advertisements, posters, brochures, TV and radio are explored. Corporate design and business equipment. Marketing and Strategy. Exhibition and Event. And of course, online advertising.

Advertisers do not need black suits to conceive good advertising, but need courage, perseverance and a sense for brands. Our advice and transactions are pleasant and accommodating.

We will not leave you hanging when things get hot and are always available. Because good communication starts with the customer.

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In addition to our permanent team in Berlin /Germany and Dubai /UAE, we appreciate flexibility as a concept: experienced and creative professionals around the world, we will bring in as needed to our team. This allows us to always be there for you as an agency, no matter where.